non-traditional data sources

Financial analysts rely on non-traditional data sources for more informed investment decisions

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Data is the basis for all sound investment models. In addition to traditional sources, such as company filings, investment managers are turning to non-traditional data sources for a more complete investment model. Non-traditional data includes information that is publicly available on the internet, but often difficult to get in a structured, easy to digest format. […]

back to school

Yay, it’s back to school!

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To kids, “back to school” doesn’t sound so good; summer is ending and school is approaching. But to retail professionals, back to school is something to celebrate. The back-to-school season has become one of the biggest shopping times of the year. According to data and research firm eMarketer, US consumers will spend more than $857 […]

big data newsletter

Big Data Newsletter August 3 2017

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Feature article 9 Ways to Make Big Data Visual Big data – while incredibly useful – is just too much to wrap our heads around. It’s mind-boggling. We want to quickly understand what it is we’re looking at and what the data is saying. The best way to do that? Visuals. Remember: a picture is […]

ecommerce newsletter

Ecommerce Newsletter August 3 2017

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What the Biggest Speakers at Retail Global Conference Will Be Discussing The retail industry is thriving, with Deloitte reporting that the top 250 global retailers generated aggregated revenues of $4.5 trillion. Meanwhile, Forbes reported that the e-commerce industry will surpass a $2 trillion annual haul in 2017. But there’s something else going on in the […]

investment banking helps investment banking firms model the impact of retail change

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Leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firms provide research that helps investors make better decisions. The data guiding their research often comes from helps investment firms gather and make sense of the vast amount of data that goes into an equity research report. For example, one leading investment banking firm uses […]

Retail Global Conference

What the Biggest Speakers at Retail Global Conference Will Be Discussing

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The retail industry is thriving, with Deloitte reporting that the top 250 global retailers generated aggregated revenues of $4.5 trillion. Meanwhile, Forbes reported that the e-commerce industry will surpass a $2 trillion annual haul in 2017. But there’s something else going on in the world of retail beyond just revenue. Technology is rapidly changing how […]

holiday shopping

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season?

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It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday shopping season. Ensuring a top-notch shopping experience is vital, otherwise you lose customers to the competition. One of the most important factors for success is having the right prices. With so many gifts to buy, customers look for the lowest cost especially around the holidays. According […]

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Big Data Newsletter July 27

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Feature article 13 Ways to Use Web Scraping Tools Consider the amount of raw data floating around the internet: webpages made up of text, images, videos, graphics, memes, infographics, and more. It’s mind-boggling when you slow down and think about it. Read the article. Hoteliers can easily monitor competitor pricing with Change Reports How […]

ecommerce newsletter

Ecommerce Newsletter July 27

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Hoteliers can easily monitor competitor pricing with Change Reports How do you ensure that your prices are not only competitive with those in your market, but also not so low that you are leaving money on the table? Read the article. 4 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Facebook Campaigns Facebook campaigns for ecommerce can […]

web scraping

3 Ways Non-Technical Marketers Can Leverage Web Scraping

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You may hear web scraping and shiver, thinking that it’s only for the most technical among us. However, marketers can use web scraping too, and they can get massive value from doing so. You don’t even need to be super technical to figure it out, either. While you’re probably aware of what web scraping is, […]

change reporting

Monitor song & movie rankings with change reporting

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Media business analysts need to know when their assets have changed ranking positions in order to predict revenue. This requires continuously understanding and reporting on how artists, albums, songs, or movies are doing across multiple charts. With change reporting, they can do this easily. Just grab the URLs for monitoring, such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, […]

ecommerce web scraping

8 Ways Non-Technical Store Owners Can Leverage Ecommerce Web Scraping

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According to the National Retail Federation, online retail will grow 8 to 12% in 2017, up to three times higher than the growth rate of the industry overall. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar retail is only expected to grow by 2.8%, slower than the average rate of growth for the overall industry. This is good news for ecommerce […]

api web scraping

How to Turn Existing Web Pages Into RESTful APIs With

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Jul. 05 2017 By Bob Reselman CogArtTech for ProgrammableWeb APIs are all the rage these days and with good reason. Gone are the days when people used desktop applications, either web-based or native, to interact with data that lived on proprietary backends. These days, more often than not, the primary computing device will be a cell phone or […]

How Any Ecommerce Store Can Leverage Big Data

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Small ecommerce businesses may have the impression that big data is only for major industry players with multi-million dollar budgets. Think Amazon, with its recent acquisition of Whole Foods that created new opportunities to use big data to target savvy shoppers looking for a revolutionized e-grocery store experience. There aren’t many Amazons out there with […]


Introducing Automated Pagination

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We are excited to provide our customers with quick and easy data extraction from websites with multiple pages of data. pagination automatically detects if a website has multiple pages reflected by changing URLs. Those needing data or images form AI projects, website or app development, ecommerce marketplaces, job boards, or any use case can […] Professional Services success story

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Our Professional Services are here to take you to the next level with or even get your data for you! Check out our latest success story below… Customer: WINwarehouse WINwarehouse connects nonprofit organizations with excess office furniture and equipment inventory from corporate donors, and both benefit. In 2016, WINwarehouse started using to get data […]

web data extraction

WINwarehouse uses to get manufacturers specs & images for their non-profit marketplace

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WINwarehouse connects nonprofit organizations with excess office furniture and equipment inventory from corporate donors, and both benefit. As a U.S. nonprofit themselves for 26 years, WINwarehouse has received hundreds of thousands of gifts-in-kind donations. Because the information that the donor sends is often incomplete, they would have to spend dozens (and over the years many thousands) […]

Need data from detail product pages? No problem with

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Extracting data from single-item pages just got a lot easier! Now, automatically determines what data is on the page based on the page type, list or single-item. This update improves automatic extraction from both types of pages, but especially single-item. Instead of taking a minute or two to build an extractor for a product page […]

big data

9 Ways to Make Big Data Visual

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A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, I’d argue we should say ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or even a million words. It’s just how we’re wired to process information. There’s an oft-repeated “statistic” that states we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. While there doesn’t seem to be an original source […]

competitive pricing

Why monitor competitor pricing?

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Consumers have so many choices when shopping online. How can you be certain they’ll buy on your site? Optimizing keywords for search engines, ensuring your ecommerce site is fast to load, having a great design, and offering popular merchandise are all important, but if your price is too high compared to the competition, you may […]

deep learning

A History of Deep Learning

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These days, you hear a lot about machine learning (or ML) and artificial intelligence (or AI) – both good or bad depending on your source. Many of us immediately conjure up images of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Terminator cyborgs, C-3PO, or Samantha from Her when the subject turns to AI. And many […]


Data-driven Disruption in Ecommerce

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In the fast-evolving retail industry, data won’t just be the key ingredient to success, but outright survival. This post looks at the disruption taking place in retail, and a couple examples of the data-driven disruptors that are succeeding today. If you look at what’s been happening across industries in the past few years and tried […]

extract images

Easily extract images and documents with

Written by: is known as the go to software for extracting pretty much any type of web data even if it’s hidden behind an image. Now, customers can extract images and documents along with all the web data in one extraction. This feature is especially helpful for our ecommerce customers. For instance, marketing teams can now download […]

Upstream Commerce

5 Obvious Reasons Retail Winners Do Competitor Price Monitoring

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Great article by Gilon Miller originally posted on Upstream Commerce. As all retailers gird their loins to do serious battle for customers and sales in today’s evolving and competitive marketplace, competitor price monitoring has become indispensable as the keystone for strategic decisions regarding pricing, sales, profits, and survival. Competitor price monitoring makes the difference between making a sale […]

web data

Eliminating Barriers to Getting Web Data

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When we started work on, we were focused on addressing a key problem: The people who needed access to web data weren’t able to get it. Historically, if you were a business user and needed to gather web data, you would have to embark on a significant endeavor, including finding and hiring development resources, defining scope, […]

big data tools

All the Best Big Data Tools and How to Use Them

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Update to: There are thousands of Big Data tools out there, all of them promising to save you time, money and help you uncover never-before-seen business insights. And while all that may be true, navigating this world of possible tools can be tricky when there are so many options. Which one is right for […]

Using, RepZio collects timely data for online marketplaces

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RepZio allows outside sales reps to display products, inventory, and customer data on cell phones or tablets and take orders from anywhere. RepZio uses to get the most up to date product and inventory data to populate their customers’ online marketplaces. For instance, continuously collects high-end furniture product data including pricing, manufacturer IDs, product features, descriptions, and image […]

table of data example: extract pricing data from any web page

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This article was originally written in Italian for: VIETATO STACCARE IL CERVELLO by Irene Scapin 🙂, @iome_e_irene After reading the article All the best big data tools and how to use them, I tried downloading to extract pricing data on a web page so that it can be processed later. By subscribing to the trial version of the program, you can […]

Tableau web data connector

Introducing the Tableau Web Data Connector

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It’s no secret that people who love data, love Tableau. For years now Tableau has set the standard for powerful yet user friendly data analytics and reporting. Many organizations use Tableau’s Desktop and Server products to produce and share real-time metrics and dashboards that empower teams, keeping everyone in the business informed and focused. What […]

IDC datasphere

IDC predicts the datasphere to reach 160 Zettabytes by 2025

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IDC Data Age 2025 study shows that about 25 Zettabytes of data exists in the world (datasphere) today. That’s  27.49 trillion Gigabytes!  IDC also predicts that data creation is on a sharp curve up with embedded data from security cameras, smart meters, wearables, medical implants etc. making up 20% by 2025. In most cases, data is accessed by a […]

artificial intelligence

The Essential Landscape of Enterprises Artificial Intelligence Companies

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Happy to have included in the Essential Landscape of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Companies on TOPBOTS!  The landscape was created by TOPBOTS to help enterprises identify the best artificial intelligence tools. is included in the Business Intelligence section – this function derives intelligence from company data, encompasses the business applications, tools, and workflows that bring together information […]

Meidata data extraction

Meidata offers research insights using data extraction

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Meidata is a market research and business insights firm that supports decision making processes within companies and governments. Using data extraction Meidata builds the data and research infrastructure, so managers can make the right decisions. Meidata uses data extraction for several projects, including data scraping from ecommerce websites, and integrates this data with […]

Customers buy quickly or not at all

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A few weeks ago I decided to do some simple analysis of our deal flow at In order to do this I pulled our data out of and did some simple manipulation in Excel. I wanted to see the % chances of deals being won versus lost and how long it took. But, […]