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eCommerce Data Types

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Product Details

Ensure brand consistency and competitiveness by utilizing the Product Details data feed, which provides all information from a product page over time.

Stay ahead of your competitors by analyzing their marketing strategies and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Gain valuable insights into product performance by leveraging historical data and analytics.


Understand customer sentiment towards your products and brands by leveraging's Product Reviews data feed.

Use the feedback from customer reviews to improve your products and enhance your customer service.

Respond to customer feedback and improve your online reputation by utilizing the Product Reviews data feed.

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Product Rankings

Ensure that your products are easily discoverable and visible to customers by utilizing the Product Rankings data feed.

Optimize your SEO strategies and product listings for search engines by analyzing your product rankings.

Stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring their product rankings and using the insights to improve your own marketing strategies.

Product Q&A

Increase customer confidence by addressing any questions or concerns they may have with's Q&A data feeds.

Gain valuable insights into customer needs and preferences by monitoring customer inquiries.

Identify areas for improvement in product information and customer support by analyzing customer inquiries with the Q&A data feeds.


Stay on top of inventory management and avoid stockouts by utilizing's Availability and Inventory data feeds for products or property listings.

Improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate and up-to-date product information to customers.

Adjust your inventory management strategies according to trends in product availability by analyzing the Availability and Inventory data feeds.

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" has been a game-changer for our ecommerce business. With their data extraction and web scraping tools, we are able to analyze customer behavior and market trends more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to's Product Details data feed, we can stay on top of our competitors by monitoring their marketing strategies and identifying areas for improvement on our own.”

John T. Shea

CEO & Founder, Momentum Commerce

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“As a business with ambitious growth expectations, it was imperative that we found a partner that could provide web data at scale as we move quickly to answer our customers' evolving needs. is that partner.”

John T. Shea

CEO & Founder, Momentum Commerce