Understand sellers with reliable marketplace data

Get a clear view of the supply and demand on the world’s largest eCommerce marketplaces to inform your pricing, promotion and competitive positioning.

graphical user interface

Get a view of how sellers are performing

See how a seller is positioning and promoting themselves

Understand who is selling what product, how they rank and who wins the buy box

View product availability, pricing and policies across sellers

Gain insight into customer sentiment, ratings and reviews

Understand the full picture, collecting any data point

See full product description details and seller-specific offerings

Understand how sellers rank in search results and which are sponsored

Get a view of how product or seller inventory levels change over timeLet’s Talk Data

Customized data service for your needs

Custom-built data extraction with the ability to get data from any website you need, at any level of detail

Flexible and scalable service that reacts to new data requests quickly

Structure the data in any way you need to integrate into your systems