The data partner for eCommerce analytics providers

Growth as an analytics provider can be accelerated by increasing your ability to extract web data at scale. With you gain a strategic partner who can provide the data, service and expertise you need to add value to your customers and grow your business.

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Easily add new data offerings to your portfolio

Focus your technical staff on building and expanding your product portfolio

Gain the competitive edge with our eCommerce data expertise


Create or enhance your product offerings

eCommerce data is vast and complicated with many different ways to use it. That’s why it’s important to partner with a data provider who doesn’t just offer quality data, but understands it as well. As the leading eCommerce web data provider, understands eCommerce data like no other. Leverage our deep knowledge and expertise to unlock the value of web data to build or grow your product offerings.

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Replace existing cumbersome data collection processes

Extracting web data at scale is hard and resource intensive, with your ability to grow as an eCommerce analytics provider only as good as your ability to extract web data. Partnering with allows you to better leverage your engineering and data scientists in adding value to customers, leaving collecting the data to the experts – us.

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Get your customers up and running faster

Onboarding and responding to customer requests for new web data can be a time consuming process. As the industry’s most experienced eCommerce web data provider already working with thousands of eCommerce sites, has the ability to react faster to demands for new data to help scale your business quicker.