eCommerce data to better position your brand

To build an effective strategy, you need the right information on how your products and brands are being sold. Make sure your offerings are visible to the right audience, sold on the correct sites, and promoted in the best way.

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Ensure your products are visible to the right customers

Check retailers present your products appropriately

Monitor what customers say about your products in reviews

Gain the competitive edge

Ensure your products are being positioned correctly

It’s critical to understand how your products are being promoted and sold online. Whether it’s where your product appears in search rankings, how it’s being described or its minimum advertised price, the only way to monitor your online presence is using the best quality eCommerce data. is the leading eCommerce data partner, trusted by the largest brands to ensure they are being positioned correctly online.

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Safeguard your business

Protect against threats to your brand

Whether it’s counterfeit goods, competitive activity or MAP violations, protecting your brand from threats online is a crucial but incredibly challenging task. Key to safeguarding your business is working with a partner like who can advise you on where to look and provide you with the structured data to monitor these risks.

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Understand customer sentiment

Gain insight into what your customers think

Consumer behaviour drives the most important decisions for any brand. Gaining insight into what your customers think about your products is essential, yet increasingly difficult to do with an ever-expanding eCommerce landscape. can help you understand online customer reviews and sentiment at scale so you can make more informed product and marketing decisions.


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