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Thousands of customers around the globe choose to power their web data extraction at scale

We're here to help you make data more accessible for your business.

Data teams spend only 20% of their time creating insights, the rest of your time is spent cleaning and accessing data.

Avoid roadblocks

Captchas, logins and complex sites are no problem. Interaction mode and sophisticated AI help you crawl modern sites.

Start gathering data in minutes

Build and run an extractor in under 5 minutes.

Deliver data where it's needed helps you build a process to deliver your data as a JSON, CSV or to a Google Sheet for further analysis.

How it works

Input the URL for the site

Train the extractor to pull the data 

Run the extractor and collect the data

“As a business with ambitious growth expectations, it was imperative that we found a partner that could provide web data at scale as we move quickly to answer our customers' evolving needs. is that partner.”

John T. Shea

CEO & Founder, Momentum Commerce

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A very easy scrapping tool for those who have no basic knowledge of code and programming.

Vincent F. gives you the ability to generate custom data through web scraping. Trying to do this with open source tools is possible, but not easy. makes it much easier if you're not a programmer or sysadmin, and the pricing is reasonable.

Amy P. is a great app for data extracting, you can turn web pages into data within minutes and is very simple to learn. No need to go anywhere else when using

Zakir M.

“As a business with ambitious growth expectations, it was imperative that we found a partner that could provide web data at scale as we move quickly to answer our customers' evolving needs. is that partner.”

John T. Shea

CEO & Founder, Momentum Commerce


Choose how you work’s APIs allow you to integrate a steady stream of high-quality web data into your business processes, applications, analysis tools and visualization software. Even better–everything that can be done in the user interface can be done with an API.

Features to make web data extraction easy, accurate, and worry free

Multi-URL training

Train the same extractor with multiple different pages. When a website displays different data variations on the same page types you want to train against all variations.

Auto-optimize extractors

Whenever you save your extractor, will automatically optimize the extractors to run in the shortest time possible.

URL generator

Use patterns such as page numbers and category names to automatically generate all of the URLs that you need in seconds.

Multiple pages

Extract data from multiple pages. We automatically detect paginated lists, or you can explicitly click on the “next” page to help us learn.

Website screenshots helps ensure compliance and accuracy by allowing you to capture and save screen shots of every page from where you extracted the data. This is a feature is easily accessible and useful as it creates an audit-able record of the extracted data.

Data behind a login

Authenticated extraction allows you to get data that is only available after logging into a website. You provide the appropriate credentials and will do the rest.

Download images and files

Download images and documents along with all the web data in one run. Retailers pull product images from manufacturers, data scientists build training sets for computer vision.

Easy scheduling

Set up your web data extraction to run “on the regular” using pre-set or custom schedules: weekly, daily, hourly, whatever your business needs. Set it and forget it.

Interactive workflows

Record sequences of the actions that you need to perform on a website. For example, you may need to navigate between pages, enter a search term or change a default sort order on a list.

Point-and-click training makes it easy for you to show us how to extract data from a page. Simply select a column in your dataset, and point at the item of interest on the page. With machine learning auto-suggest you can go from URL to dataset with one click.

Even more powerful feature sets for advanced use cases

Country specific extraction

Control the geographical location from which your web data extraction is running. Extract pricing data in a local currency. All countries supported.

PII masking

Automatically remove personally identifiable information (PII) when extracting web data. We can detect and redact PII such as names, phone numbers and addresses.

XPath & Regex

Write your own custom extraction rules using XPath and RegEx. This can be especially useful for pulling hidden data and setting up advanced configurations.