Unlock the Power

Digital Shelf Insights with Import.io


Gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and competitor activity.

Make informed decisions about product pricing, promotions, and inventory management

Identify areas for improvement in product listings, SEO strategies, and customer service.


Over the past decade, Import.io has provided the largest brands, retailers, and their insight providers with the data to develop cutting-edge digital shelf insights

In recent years, we have observed an increasing demand for
greater insight in three key areas from these brands.

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Improve brand positioning

Ensure correct online brand positioning by reviewing how your products are positioned, priced, and sold on various eCommerce sites.

Demand greater eCommerce insights to gain visibility into your products' online positioning, pricing, and sales.

Review product information like price, image, and description on online retailers' product pages to improve your online brand positioning.

Utilize online brand positioning insights to optimize your online presence and increase sales.

Understand consumer sentiment

Understand the role of consumer sentiment in your brand's strategy by analyzing customer feedback, ratings, and reviews.

Utilize sentiment data to monitor how consumers perceive your brand and its products, especially as sales move increasingly online.

Analyze customer comments and influencer-produced content to improve your brand reputation and inform purchasing decisions.

Identify potential product enhancements by analyzing customer feedback, and act quickly on feedback to stay ahead of the competition.

A graphic of dots representing consumer sentiment.
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Optimize the share of search over time

Optimize your share of search over time by ensuring your products are positioned well on eCommerce sites, which are increasingly becoming search engines.

Employ SEO optimization strategies to improve your visibility in retailer website search boxes and on large search engines like Google.

Utilize valuable data from eCommerce sites like Amazon to monitor your competitors' products and ensure your products are easily found.

Improve your brand's marketing platform by analyzing share of search data and taking quick action to stay ahead of the competition.


With our data, analytics service providers can assist their clients by

Brand protection

Competitive pricing

Recognize client sentiment

Monitor stock levels at retailers

Monitor the competition

Improve positioning and advertising