Optimize services with Availability & Inventory data

Better understand when a product is out of stock or a property is unavailable with Import.io’s Availability and Inventory data feeds for products or property listings.

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Make more informed promotion decisions

Product or property availability can often be determined from online marketplaces. This data can help you understand supply and demand trends so you can optimize the way you buy and promote products or market properties.

Stay one step ahead in every location

Maximize your revenue by pricing properties and products intelligently across categories and locations

Measure and act on product consumption trends across geographical regions

Take into consideration local events and holidays when marketing your property

Make decisions on supplying and pricing different variants of your products

Easy and flexible data collection service

Getting started is easy. Specify the key words or categories that you want to monitor. Let us know the frequency you want the data collected, the output file format and output location, and we will do the rest.