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Collect, Monitor, Report

Whether you want data to feed research and development efforts or to monitor markets, pricing, and competition, provides what you need to stay competitive.



Retail solutions provides daily, weekly, or monthly reports showing pricing information including changes and what products have been added or removed from a website or multiple websites.



Easy data extraction is easy to use web extraction that puts the world’s data in your hands. Try the full-featured product free for 7 days. Several plans are available for purchase when you are ready.



" has been tremendously helpful in providing additional views for our analysis. What sets apart from their competition, is both the level of data we are able to get and the amazing Customer Success team." PwC Strategy&

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" has turned what would be a big engineering project and a lot of maintenance costs into an easy service that I just click on and spend half an hour a week checking." Clearmetal

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"If I need the latest pricing, I just create an extractor for the manufacturer’s site and get it myself. If I need flowery copy for their products: boom. It’s SO MUCH EASIER scraping the data for myself rather than relying on other people." RepZio

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"For organizations that are looking to gather competitive pricing and product reviews, allows them to easily get that information and repeat the gathering of that information without coding." The Hackett Group

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