Stay informed with continuous event and ticketing data

Sports and entertainment ticketing websites are some of the most challenging websites to monitor. Use’s sophisticated web data extraction to ensure you have the most complete events and ticketing data when you want it.

graphical user interface

Reliable data no matter the complexity of the website

Unique processes and technology which handles the changes and anti-extraction measures of events and ticketing websites

Data extraction which navigates across sites, meaning you never lose data because of a website redirect

Low-touch, sophisticated extraction methodology which minimizes the impact to ticketing websites

Fully qualified pricing which captures all add-ons for more accurate pricing comparison

Real-time data to create notifications and alerts

Get the full picture of events, artists, locations and venues on any website

Understand how events are being priced and the availability of tickets to adapt your pricing and promotion

Keep up-to-date on new events, promotions and exclusive offerings of your competitors

Customized data service for your needs

Custom-built data extraction with the ability to get data from any website you need, at any level of detail

Flexible and scalable service that reacts to new data requests quickly

Structure the data in any way you need to integrate into your systems