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Gain insights into your competitors to make better decisions.

Understand your website's content and improve it for better results.

Monitor customer feedback to improve your service and stay ahead. is a game-changer for businesses that require quick and efficient solutions to their data needs. In a recent case, one of our existing providers could no longer meet our needs, which resulted in potential customer interruptions. Thankfully, was able to step in and provide a complete solution in just a matter of days. Their expertise and knowledge in the field ensured that our business remained uninterrupted, which saved us both time and money. We highly recommend to any business looking for a reliable and efficient data partner

John T. Shea

CEO & Founder, Momentum Commerce

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“As a business with ambitious growth expectations, it was imperative that we found a partner that could provide web data at scale as we move quickly to answer our customers' evolving needs. is that partner.”

John T. Shea

CEO & Founder, Momentum Commerce

Competitive Analysis Made Easy

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Monitor and analyze your competitors' product offerings and pricing to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Compare and contrast your product portfolio and stock levels with those of your competitors to ensure that you are offering the most optimized products at any given time.

Use's advanced eCommerce data solutions to better understand customer behavior and sentiment, enabling you to make more informed product and marketing decisions.

Trust in's experience and expertise to provide you with the highest quality eCommerce data, ensuring that you can make the best decisions to grow your business and increase your profits.

Dynamic Pricing Made Easy

Gain a competitive edge by using web data to understand your market and optimize your offerings

Monitor pricing, stock levels, and promotions of your competitors to adjust your strategy and stay ahead

Track customer sentiment and reviews to improve product development and marketing decisions

Automate data extraction and integration to save time and resources while ensuring accuracy

Utilize customizable reporting and analytics to gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions

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Elevate Customer Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers through online reviews and sentiment analysis

Identify areas for improvement in your eCommerce business by analyzing customer feedback

Use customer insights to make more informed decisions about product development and marketing strategies

Leverage's expertise and tools to collect and analyze customer sentiment at scale and stay ahead of the competition


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