Big Data News Dec. 18, 2017

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Turning customer reviews into actionable data

If you run a consumer-based, retail, or hospitality business, chances are your company has customer reviews on multiple website. It’s time-consuming and a bit mind-boggling to read through 100s of reviews to determine what differentiates your businesses and take action based on the feedback.

What if you could simplify this and compare your business with your competitors, based on keywords in customer reviews?

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5 Industries Machine Learning is Disrupting

Machine learning is a type of AI where computer systems can actually learn, improve, and “evolve” when exposed to new and additional data. They don’t need to be programmed in the traditional sense. They discern new information using existing knowledge, make connections, combine ideas, and following a train of thought just as humans do. Machine learning is transforming the landscape in amazing ways.

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Fueling growth through data monetization

Results from the newest McKinsey Global Survey on data and analytics indicate that an increasing share of companies are using data and analytics to generate growth. They are adding new services to existing offerings, developing new business models, and even directly selling data-based products or utilities.

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