What’s for dessert this Thanksgiving?

Besides the ubiquitous pumpkin and apple pie on Thanksgiving, what other desserts may be served? Well, this could vary state by state. Based on web data extracted from Flipkey and Daily Meal, a lot of other pie types may be served in the southwest and eastern seaboard. Each state has its own regional flair. Mississippi has the mud pie, Florida key lime, peach pie in Georgia, sweet potato pie in North Carolina, and Whoopie Pies in Maine.

A couple of the states may serve deserts that hark back to the old country, such as Nebraska’s Koloches from Central Europe and Texas’s strudel, which originated in Hungary. Some states may prefer a simpler, less sugary treat, such as scones in Utah and molasses cookies in West Virginia. Scroll over the dessert icons to see what desert is famous in each state.

No matter what is served at Thanksgiving, we at Import.io wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday!


For the chart, I used Import.io to get web data on desserts served in each state. Sources included Flipkey and Daily Meal.


extract data


Once the web data was in a structured spreadsheet, I uploaded it to Tableau to create the chart.