WINwarehouse uses to get manufacturers specs & images for their non-profit marketplace

WINwarehouse connects nonprofit organizations with excess office furniture and equipment inventory from corporate donors, and both benefit. As a U.S. nonprofit themselves for 26 years, WINwarehouse has received hundreds of thousands of gifts-in-kind donations. Because the information that the donor sends is often incomplete, they would have to spend dozens (and over the years many thousands) of hours researching descriptions and technical specs for each item. has helped automate that process through web data extraction on manufacturer websites.

WINwarehouse recently reached out to to find out how the software could provide even more value and found their business process significantly changed for the better. The new automation process combined 4 manual processes into one automated process, saving about 9 labor hours per month. It took a 10-hr/month process and turned it into a 1-hr/month process. professional services took the time to find out what WINwarehouse were trying to accomplish and helped solve one of the biggest headaches in their business method, thus drastically improving the process. WINwarehouse is now looking to’s image download for their image acquisition needs.  

“I cannot give enough praise to the product and professional services team at,” said Tony DiFranco, Program Director, WINwarehouse. “There is no question that they went above and beyond what was required of them contractually. They took substantial care in our situation.”

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