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When it comes to competition, ignorance is not bliss—it’s a fast path to extinction

Pricing, product, or purchasing decisions based on guesswork or outdated information will ensure a retailer’s demise. Smart retailers, whether big or small, continuously monitor the market and use current data to drive decisions. makes it easy to tap into the virtually limitless potential of data that exists on the web today. Leverage more data, more current data, and more accurate data, so you can optimize pricing and selling strategies and maximize revenue and profitability plus minimize costs.

Retailers and manufacturers use to:

  • Download images and descriptions from manufacturer websites.
  • Monitor competitor pricing with change and comparison reports.
  • Ensure retailers comply with the minimum advertised price (MAP). 
comparison report
Sample Comparison Report

Let get the data you need

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Monitor product pricing on competing retailers

Retailers need to stay on top of what competitors are offering including products and price. How else will they stay competitive? provides daily or monthly reports showing what products your competition has added or removed, pricing information including changes, and stock levels.

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Build product inventory and keep it up to date

Getting product descriptions and images from multiple manufacturers can be an arduous task. can extract data from multiple websites for you and deliver it in a spreadsheet, complete with images, ready to upload to your ecommerce website.

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Manufacturers Monitor retail channels

For manufacturers, it’s important to monitor a vast array of retail sites in order to gain insight on product performance and minimum advertised price (MAP). provides a complete analysis of all products and prices with monthly, daily or more frequent change alerts on product additions or deletions.

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