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As a retailer, if you don’t understand what competitors are offering you’ll never be able to make effective stock and price decisions, resulting in missed sales opportunities. Maintain your competitive advantage by offering the most optimized portfolio of products at any given time with Import.io’s data.
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“When one of our existing providers could no longer meet our needs, Import.io was the only company that could stand up a complete solution in a matter of days and ensure no customer interruptions.”

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Compare yourself against other retailers

It’s important to understand how your eCommerce site and services compare to other online alternatives. Whether it’s what products are being sold, at what price, the stock level or how they are promoted, the only way to understand how you compare is using the best quality eCommerce data. Import.io is the leading eCommerce data partner, trusted by the largest retailers to ensure they are optimizing their online offerings.

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Build dynamic pricing

Ensure your products are priced correctly

Every eCommerce retailer needs their pricing to react quickly to competitor changes. To do this you need accurate and timely information about what competitors are selling and at what price so you can build dynamic pricing models. With Import.io you’ll get the most up-to-date web data to make sure you never get left behind.

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Understand customer sentiment

Gain insight into your customers

Understanding what your customers think about your online services is essential, yet increasingly difficult to do with an ever-expanding eCommerce landscape. Import.io can help you understand online customer reviews and sentiment at scale so you can make more informed decisions about your eCommerce business.

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