Easily extract images and documents with Import.io

Import.io is known as the go to software for extracting pretty much any type of web data even if it’s hidden behind an image. Now, customers can extract images and documents along with all the web data in one extraction.

This feature is especially helpful for our ecommerce customers. For instance, marketing teams can now download product images from manufacturing sites, along with SKUs and other information, when building and updating ecommerce sites.

image download
Extract images along with all the web data in one extraction


image download
Download web data and images in one go.


Ecommerce companies, such as our customer Repzio, can easily extract images to create online marketplaces for themselves or their clients. RepZio uses Import.io to get the most up-to-date product and inventory data to populate their customers’ online marketplaces and now that data includes all of the images in one extraction.

In addition to ecommerce uses, programmers that rely on artificial intelligence to train their products will now be able to scrape millions of images off the internet. Academic users can download hundreds of documents at once from multiple sites for research.

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