Ensure products are discoverable with Product Rankings

The Product Rankings data feed helps you understand how visible your products are to customers and how highly they rank in search results.
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Monitor Result

Monitor organic vs. sponsored results for search terms relevant to your products


Optimize your content to be relevant to the most important keyword searches


Compare your placement with that of your competitors

SEO Strategy

Optimize your promotional strategy

Import.io helps you measure the discoverability of your products, ensuring that they can be found by potential customers and that your SEO strategy is working. We run keyword searches on targeted websites, to create a unique dataset that can highlight SEO, location-specific and language-specific implications for your keyword strategy.

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Market insight

Enhance the discoverability of your products

  • Monitor how your product ranks (organically and paid) against competitors
  • Discover opportunities to extend brand reach to adjacent markets or websites
  • Assess the impact of retailer private brands on your placement and discoverability

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Input and frequency

Easy and flexible data collection service

Getting started is easy. Specify the key words or categories that you want to monitor. Let us know the frequency you want the data collected, the output file format and output location, and we will do the rest.

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“When one of our existing providers could no longer meet our needs, Import.io was the only company that could stand up a complete solution in a matter of days and ensure no customer interruptions.”

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