Track customer questions with Q&A data

If your customers aren’t confident about the details of your product, they will be less likely to purchase. Understand what questions your customers are asking with’s Q&A data feeds.
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Data Qa Hero

Ensure customers aren’t getting mixed messages from your marketing or instructions


Check that they understand what your product is designed to do


Optimize your content to answer your customer’s questions

Understand customer questions

Remove friction from the buying process

Product Q&A data feeds allow you to optimize your product listings and remove friction from the buying process. Understand what your customers are asking so you can ensure you’re presenting the right information to allow them to make informed purchase decisions.

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Increase responsiveness

Own the conversation with your customers

  • Quickly and confidently make product documentation and packaging decisions based on feedback
  • Regularly update and enhance FAQ information
  • Mitigate confusion around products or offerings
  • Ensure customer questions are responded to quickly, accurately and in line with brand tone

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Input and frequency

Easy and flexible data collection service

Getting started is easy. Simply specify the product you want data on by providing product identifiers, category names, SKUs or search terms as well as the time period to monitor questions and answers. Let us know the frequency you want the data collected, the output file format and output location, and we will do the rest.

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