Be consistent and competitive with Product Details

The Product Details data feed provides you with all of the information from a product page over time, so you can confidently manage your brand and competitive positioning.
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Control how your products are represented online


Help customers make confident purchases


Ensure brand consistency across multiple sites


Fulfil customers’ requirements

Because customers can’t physically hold or see a product, the information provided on detail pages can often make the difference in whether a purchase is made from one site or another. By accurately and completely describing a product, potential consumers can make the decision about whether it meets their needs or not. Companies invest and present most of their product collateral in Detail pages, so there are many opportunities to collect valuable, wide-ranging information on competitors from these pages.

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Identify and act on opportunities

  • Understand how competitive your prices are as well as the optimum price for each product.
  • Ensure product listings are consistent across sites and quickly spot any missing information.
  • Easily identify when and where MAP violations are occurring.
  • Monitor product availability in relation to demand.

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Input and frequency

Custom specification

Simply specify which products you would like to receive information on. This can be provided as a description or an input list of product identifiers. The feed then navigates to each product individually to extract data, and the chosen fields are returned into a file where each row represents a single product. 100+ fields are returned, depending on the website. This feed type will also return details on variants (e.g. size, color, room type) if configured to do so. Feed frequency can be set to high, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually.

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