90% of the world's data is on the internet

Harness it with Import.io

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Turn web pages into data.

Import.io enables you to extract web data and use it in all sorts of ways including: price monitoring, lead generation, market research, app development, academic research, and machine learning.


Automatic data extraction

Just type in a URL!

Cloud based

Nothing to download, nothing to install.

No coding.

Point, click, save. It’s that simple.

Public APIs

Integrate with your own apps, control programmatically.

Flexible scheduling

Weekly, daily, hourly, custom? Set it and forget it.

Login & password protected?

Get data from behind logins.

Import.io basic features

extract data

Point & Click

Extract data without learning to program

Using highly sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we try and extract the data you want automatically the first time. If we don’t get it right – no need to worry – use the point and click web interface to show us what you want and we’ll go get it for you. Watch a one minute overview of Import.io.
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Extract in Bulk

Get data from 1,000’s of URLs, all at once

One page of data is good; thousands of pages are better. Use our URL generator to find common patterns and generate thousands of URLs in seconds – save them and run instant data queries.

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Extract from difficult sites

Does your website require JavaScript or is it split over multiple pages or have subsequent pages linked from an initial page? We’ve got you covered with advanced features for difficult sites and a customer support team that is second to none.
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Import.io advanced features

Advanced Scheduling


Get data from behind the login

Authenticated extraction allows Import.io customers to get data that is only available after logging into a website. You provide the appropriate credentials and Import.io will do the rest. You can also schedule authenticated extraction.
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Automate with Public APIs

Public APIs provide powerful and flexible capabilities to control Import.io programmatically and gain automated access to the data. Integrate web data into your own app or web site with just a few clicks. Documentation is available at http://api.docs.import.io.

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Advanced Scheduling


Get what you want when you want it

Fed up with CRON? Don’t even know what CRON is? Perfect – you’ve come to the right place. Never touch a line of code and get exactly the data that you want at exactly when you want it. Want to monitor a competitor’s pricing? Need additional data each day for your machine learning models? Need new leads for your hungry sales team? Schedule away with just a few clicks and let us do the rest. Almost any combination of time, days, weeks, and months are supported. You can also set up email alerts for when your extractor is completed.
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Use your data where you need it.


Integrations are a breeze when you use our automatically created RESTful JSON API.


The universally recognized and loved data format, comma separated values.

Google Sheets

Push your data live into Google Sheets and refresh it directly from within the sheet.

Read how Import.io customers are using their data

Hackett Group uses Import.io for IoT data analytics

The Hackett Group uses Import.io in their Best Practice Intelligence Center™ benchmarking metrics, enabling clients and partners to achieve world-class performance. Read more.

ClearMetal creates predictive logistics for the shipping industry

Import.io has turned what would be a big engineering project and a lot of maintenance costs into an easy service that I just click on and spend half an hour a week checking. Read more.

Import.io provides core market data for Classic & Sports Finance

Classic & Sports Finance uses Import.io to provide market data on price, value and trends to buyers and dealers of classic cars. Read more.

Resource/Ammirati (IBM) extracts complex data from Amazon using Import.io

Resource/Ammirati looked to Import.io to easily extract complex data from Amazon.com without the need to write any code. Read more.