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Simple, Quick Data Extraction combines the benefit of automatic list extraction and flexible point and click interface – all on the web.

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Data. What is it good for?

Analyze and visualize

Create a data viz or plug into a data model

Data for journalism

Break the next big story with data from the web

Power your app

Give your users live information from the source

Map the web

Collect and verify addresses and contact details

Supplement research

Broaden your academic research with web data

Set up notifications

Monitor real-time changes to any web page

Get inspired

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Build your own API in minutes, not days

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No coding required, just point and click

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The data is yours, use it where you want it

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Smart Extraction

Our algorithms automatically extract the
most important data from the website.

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Bulk Extract

Create one Extractor, then paste in a list of URLs
to get data from 1,000s of similar pages.

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Scheduled Data Extraction

Need data every day, week or month? Get the freshest
possible data by setting up a schedule for your extractors.

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“What is different about is its very intuitive, visual method for extracting web data, whether it is on a single web page or multiple pages.”



“ is the quickest and easiest way to scrape and crawl anything on the web – 10x quicker and 10x easier than any competitor! “


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