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Competitor price monitoring

The job of a pricing analyst has evolved from having teams of people going store to store to gather price data to monitoring competitors online. While monitoring one or two competitors online seems much easier than visiting a few stores, most retailers have many competitors and thousands of SKUs. Manually gathering competitor price data from multiple websites is time-consuming and error prone. In addition, competitor price monitoring needs to happen very regularly to feed a pricing strategy that stays ahead of the competition. can help by gathering data from any ecommerce website on a regular basis. For even more time savings, Change Reports deliver a report on what prices have changed and what products have been added or removed. 

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MAP compliance monitoring

For manufacturers, it’s important to monitor retailer channels to gain insight on product performance and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). Ensuring compliance with MAP is impossible when manually checking every website where products are listed. automates this function by providing a complete analysis of all products and prices with hourly, daily, or weekly change alerts on price changes. also captures a time-stamped snapshot of a website for proof of compliance or non-compliance.

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Images and descriptions for online marketplaces

Getting product descriptions and images from multiple manufacturers can be an arduous task. Manually copying data and images from manufacturer websites is time-consuming and not always feasible. Waiting on the manufacturer to send the images and details may take even longer. can extract data and images ready to upload to an ecommerce website.

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Monitoring customer sentiment

Consumer-based, retail, or hospitality businesses all have customer reviews on multiple websites. It’s easy to access the reviews and see an overall average score and that’s great, but what if the scores are the same across competitors, such as every 12 cup automatic coffee maker has four stars, or every large hotel in a certain market has four stars. It doesn’t provide much information. 

It’s time-consuming and a bit mind-boggling to read through 100s of reviews to determine what differentiates the businesses and take action based on the feedback.

One way to simplify this is with As a basic solution, can pull a spreadsheet of every review on every website. can  take it a step further and compare businesses, based on keywords in customer reviews.

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