Equity Research

Equity companies already invest significant sums of money in alternative data to perform risk assessment or to search for alpha for trading decisions. Opimas Research forecasts that total spending on alternative data acquisition and sourcing will top $7 billion by 2022.

Alternative data

Combined with top-down research, alternative data can make the difference between an accurate model and a sub-par model. Import.io allows research analysts to get non-traditional web data, which is a key component to a modern and thorough bottom-up analysis. Import.io extracts data from non-traditional sources such as industry blogs, social media sites, social news aggregation sites (i.e. Reddit, ycombinator), ecommerce aggregators, and any website. Analysts get current web data quickly for up-to-the-minute analysis.

Market data aggregation

Market information is freely available on the web, but spans across hundreds of websites, such as Angel List, TechCrunch, Crunchbase, corporate websites, and others. Combing through multiple websites and online databases by hand can be difficult to manage and isn’t always reliable. Import.io can parse through the information and even find the latest updated data. This allows equity researchers to quickly pull the relevant information together to evaluate the necessary financials.

Financial statement extraction

Getting a financial statement into a usable format for analysis can be daunting, but analysts need hundreds of financial statements to compare data for clients. Import.io helps to get the data in a usable format by parsing the structure of financial data separate of associated text and descriptions.