User Guide

Error messages

Occasionally, dialog boxes with error messages appear at certain points in the workflow.

While initially loading a URL

You might encounter the following error messages while initially loading a URL into the editor:

Page not found

We couldn’t find this page. Please check your link and try again.

Also known as a 404 error, the web URL you are trying to access is not found. The reason could be a typo, a broken or dead link on a website, a temporary connection loss to the server, or the webpage doesn’t exist. Use a web browser to verify the link works and then try again.

Page not available

It looks like this page was not available for data extraction.

Also known as a 403 error, the web server hosting the URL you are trying to access was reached, but the server refuses to take further action on the request. The reason most often is you do not have permission to access the URL. If you suspect the error is due to a temporary website failure (an internal service error), use a web browser to verify the link works and then try again.

Note: If the webpage uses CAPTCHA challenge-response authentication (to detect non-humans), recommends finding another data source.

TARGET_SITE not supported

TARGET_SITE not supported by Create a new extractor for a different website to continue.

With so many variables to consider, not even can work with every single website available. Nevertheless, the team at continually strives to increase our coverage. Over time, you will receive this message less and less.

Note: Some websites provide their own API access. Check for API access in their documentation. 

While adding training URLs

You might encounter the following error message while adding additional training URLs in the editor:

No data found

Failed! Your URL returned no data. The URL needs to be from the same website.

The extractor did not find enough data on the page that matches the structure you’ve previously trained your extractor to recognize. If you feel the page does have the same structure as the other pages, perform additional training on the original pages and then try adding this URL again.

Unsuccessful additions

Oh no! It seems as though there’s a problem with the URL. Please check the page exists and try again.

Sometimes URLs cannot be added and this box will appear:

The extractor could not add the page. This error occurs for a number of reasons, including:

  • The website is currently down, perhaps because it is in maintenance.
  • The website.
  • The URL is incorrect and doesn’t exist.