User Guide

The run history

The Run history tab displays the details of all the runs from your extractor. The run details appear in date order with the most-recent run at the top of the list.

The left side of each run details line shows the status of the run, including the number of URLs the extractor attempted, the number of successes, the duration of the run, and the total number of rows extracted.

The right side presents icons to configure and download change reports, download the output, download the log file, and preview the output.

Run status

Each run line starts with an icon indicating the status of the run.



Interrupted (you’ve pressed stop)

In Progress


Total URLs

<n> URLs indicates the total number of URLs the extractor queried.

Successful URLs

<n> successes indicates the number of successful extractions.

Failed URLs

If there were unsuccessful extractions, <n> failed indicates the number of unsuccessful extractions. View the log file to learn the reasons for any failures.


Duration indicates the length of time the run took to complete. While the run is in progress, Duration displays the estimated time for the run to complete.

Total Rows

Total rows indicates the total number of data table rows the extractor successfully extracted. Single-item pages have the same row count as successful URL queries. Multi-item pages typically generate more rows than the successful URL count because each URL produces multiple rows.

Change report

Use change reports to check for differences between the latest and the previous extractor runs. To create or edit a report configuration, click the Change report icon and select Edit Settings. To download a change report, click the Change report icon and select your desired format from the list. The change report downloads to the download folder configured in your browser.

Note: Downloading change reports is also available through links in your email notifications.

Download results

To download data from the extractor run, click the Download results icon and select your desired download format from the list. Files download to the download folder configured in your browser.

Download log file

To access the log file, click the Download log file icon. The file downloads to the download folder configured in your browser.

The log file reports the result of each URL the extractor accesses during the extractor run. Use the log file to review successful and unsuccessful URLs to analyze the quality of the extraction and the efficiency of your extractor. Log file codes indicate success or failure and include error type and message for failures.

Preview data

For a quick-reference check of the output from the run, click the Preview data icon. A table containing 20 rows of data appears.