User Guide

Integrating with Tableau

Tableau Public is free business intelligence software that helps you see and understand your data.

To integrate your data with Tableau, perform the following steps:

The web data connector appears.

  • On the dashboard, select your extractor.
  • Click the Integrate tab. The available API endpoints appears

Note: The API is available only with paid subscriptions.

  • Copy the API endpoint from the latest CSV run to your browser clipboard.
  • In the web data connector, paste the URL.
  • Click Extract. The web data connector displays the elapsed time while processing the data from your extractor’s most-recent run.
  • When processing completes, click Automatically Update near the bottom center of the screen (to refresh the screen as you explore the data review mode, rather than having to keep clicking Update Now every time you make a change).

Note: The automatic update option does not re-process data from the CSV file. To use data from an even-more-recent extractor run, repeat from step 6.

  • Return to your Tableau desktop. Your data is now available in a Tableau worksheet.

The following example Tableau graph uses data from this extractor, which you can copy and run yourself.