User Guide

Integrating with Google Sheets

Use the Google Sheets API endpoint to directly transfer your extractor run data into Google Sheets. This endpoint is a Google Sheets formula that uses an API request to retrieve the results of the latest run of the extractor and populate your spreadsheet. The API request executes each time you open the sheet.

Instructions are available in the following video as well as the text that follows:


To populate your spreadsheet, perform the following steps:

Step 1. Obtaining the Google Sheets formula

To obtain the Google Sheets formula, perform the following steps:

  • In the left-side navigation pane of the dashboard, select the extractor you wish to use. The extractor must already have a successful run. If yours does not, run the extractor before proceeding.
  • Click the Integrate tab. The available API endpoints appear.
  • Copy the Google Sheets formula to your browser clipboard.

Note: The formula contains your secret API key. Never expose your secret API key in any public client-side code!

Step 2. Opening Google Sheets

Open Google Sheets. A blank spreadsheet appears.

Step 3. Entering the API into the first cell

Paste the formula into the A1 cell of the spreadsheet. The API request executes and the data from the latest run populates the spreadsheet.

Step 4. Automatically updating your spreadsheet

The API request executes each time you open the spreadsheet, so to keep your spreadsheet current, schedule your extractor to run periodically. Using this method, the most-current data appears each time you open your spreadsheet.