User Guide

The dashboard

The dashboard is your graphical interface to the data extraction SaaS product. The dashboard houses your existing extractors, account information, settings, and help. Use the dashboard to create new extractors, manage and run existing extractors, and download your data from historical runs.

The dashboard consists of the following areas:

  • Current extractor name
  • Left-side navigation pane
  • Extractor commands menu
  • Dashboard tabs
  • Administration menu


Current extractor name

The name of the currently-selected extractor appears at the top of the dashboard, left of center.

To edit or change the extractor name, click on the name to make the text editable. Type a new name and press Enter or click away from the name to complete the renaming.

Left-side navigation pane

The left-side navigation pane appears down the left-hand side of the dashboard. Your extractors are listed there with the most-recently-created extractor listed first by default. Select an extractor name to display and access information about the extractor.

Use the extractor navigation pane options to create a new extractor, search the extractor list, sort the extractor list, and upgrade your plan.

Creating a new extractor

Click New Extractor to initiate creation of a new extractor.

Searching extractors

Use the search feature to locate an extractor by name.

Sorting extractors

Use the dropdown list to the right of the search box to sort your extractor list by creation date, by name alphabetically, or by last update.

Upgrading your plan

Click Upgrade to access plan pricing details and to upgrade your plan.

Extractor commands menu

Use the extractor commands menu to run, edit, duplicate, and delete the currently-selected extractor, and to download the CSV file from the latest run of the currently-selected extractor. The menu appears in the top right-hand portion of the dashboard.

Dashboard tabs

Use the dashboard tabs to manage extractor settings, run history, and integrations. Use options on these tabs to add urls to your extractor, schedule extractor runs, download data from your run history, and generate API endpoints. 

Settings tab

The Settings tab allows you to add or remove URLs to/from your extractors, chain two or more extractors together, and schedule your extractor runs.

Run history tab

The Run history tab displays the past run information for the currently-selected extractor. For each extractor run, you can download the data, download a change report, download the log file, and preview the data.

Integrate tab

The Integrate tab contains API endpoints you can use to integrate your extractor with your own code and various external applications. provides a RESTful application programming interface (API) to assist you with integration.

Note: The API is available only with paid subscriptions.

Administration menu

Use the administration menu to access plan pricing details, the online help center, and your account information. The menu appears in the far upper-right corner of the dashboard.