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Frequently asked questions

What is is a product that allows people to quickly turn data into action. The product enables you to extract data directly from the web. The point-and-click interface transforms websites into data with a few simple clicks, enabling anyone to extract the data they need. Ready to get started? Begin transforming the web into data now.

What is used for?

Use for everything from personal data projects to app creation, data journalism, database population, and much more. Our users include designers, developers, journalists, and analysts keen to start experimenting with new and exciting ideas.

We have customers from some of the world’s most iconic brands using our product to collect data for critical business decisions.

Essentially, is a product for anyone who wants data from the web. Your use of that data is only limited by your imagination!

What browsers do you support? runs best using the following browsers:

  • Firefox – version 51 and above
  • Chrome – version 51 and above
  • Safari – version 10 and above

What about customer support?

Subscribe to one of our premium plans for dedicated one-to-one support from our Customer Success team by email or phone. Our community forum is also a great source of information where members are always willing to help new people.

Is my data public or private?

The extractors you create on are private. Extractors are not visible to other users and do not appear in other users’ searches. You can, however, share your extractors and collaborate with other users on cool projects by sending them the Extractor ID.

How often can I refresh my data?

As often as you like. Schedule your extractor to run at any specific time and interval – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or create your own customized schedule.

Using the live query API, you also control when you request data from a webpage, although recommends being a good Internet citizen and limiting the load you put on the sites from which you are extracting data.

How does the platform impact websites? is developed to have the smallest possible memory footprint and require minimal processor time consumption from the web servers that it visits. creates a very small load on those web servers. Refer to our policy for details.

How do I stop people using your product on my site? is a SaaS product that helps people translate data from one format into another, programmatically. Because, like many other ISPs, we don’t store any of the data our users are extracting, it is impossible for us to actively monitor what they are doing. As such, it is the sole responsibility of anyone using our product to abide by the terms and conditions of the websites they are pulling data from.

If you’re concerned that someone has been using our product inappropriately on your site, please email so we can work with you to find a solution.

Can I get data from behind a login?

Users who subscribe to one of our premium plans can extract data from behind a login using authenticated extractors.

What if the website changes after I have created an extractor for it? is self-modifying. For small structural changes to a website, automatically adjusts your extractors. For website that undergo major structural changes, troubleshooting and retraining your extractor is typically straightforward and easy.

What is a GUID?

GUID stands for “globally unique identifier” and is a non-human-readable string of characters that uniquely identifies your extractor. GUIDs are important particularly when using our application programming interface (API). The GUID for the currently-selected extractor appears in the address bar of your browser. To share your extractor with others, simply send them the URL.

How do I delete my account?

For paid subscribers, you can change your account to the free plan on the Subscription and billing tab of your My Account page. Doing so erases all of your extractors and data. Please be aware that cannot recover any of the deleted information.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Pose a question for our community or explore further in the user guide.