User Guide

Chapter 1. Getting Started

This chapter describes everything you need to know to get started with extractors.

Topic 1. What is

This topic provides a high-level description of the and extractors.

Topic 2. What can be extracted?

This topic provides examples of extracted data.

Topic 3. Creating your account

This topic provides information to get you started with an account..

Topic 4. The dashboard

This topic describes the layout of the dashboard and identifies the main features of the product.

Topic 5. Creating a new extractor

This topic describes how to create a new extractor.

Topic 6. Getting started tutorial

This topic provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through creating and running your first extractor.

Topic 7. Page and Extractor Types

This topic describes webpage and extractor terminology specific to

Topic 8. FAQ

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions.