User Guide

Chapter 2. Editing and Training Extractors

Once you have created an account, logged in to the dashboard, and created an extractor, you edit your extractor, training the extractor to recognize and collect exactly the kind of data you desire.

Editing and training an extractor involves identifying items on webpages. As you point and click to identify items you desire on the page, you are training the extractor to learn what data structures to look for when the extractor runs later in the workflow.

If this is your first time using, our getting started tutorial provides a great hands-on introduction.

This chapter describes everything you need to edit and train basic extractors.

Topic 1. The editor

This topic describes the editor you use to build and train extractors.

Topic 2. Managing your columns

This topic describes how to add and remove columns from your data table.

Topic 3. Selecting data from a webpage

This topic describes how to train your extractor to capture data from website with a simple point-and-click interface.

Topic 4. Managing the data in your columns

This topic describes options available to work with the data for further customization of data collection.

Topic 5. Adding training URLs

This topic describes how to include additional URLs for more precise extractor training.