Easy data transformations*

Is data in different formats on the web pages that you are using and you’d like a common schema? Need to do a quick calculation (e.g., lowest price) or convert currency? Our transformation capability¬†provides Excel-like formulas that you can easily set up to sanitize the data into the format that you need – automatically.

Capture and store historical data

Want to track data on a website over time to observe trends? With a simple toggle, you can turn on historical data for any website.

Easy data mergers*

Many customers wish to combine web data with their own data. This helps them make unique observations that are specific to their needs. Simply upload a CSV or Excel and this becomes available as a table that can be used in all of your reports.

Use common spreadsheet functions*

Need to PIVOT the data, or VLOOKUP data (e.g., currency conversions) to make sure it is usable? We’ve got you covered. Derived tables are available alongside the tables that you extract.

Easy to set boundaries

Some web sites use robots.txt to indicate whether they can be crawled and whether the data on their site can be indexed. You can choose to use robots.txt to define your extraction boundaries.

Industry leading PII tools*

Want to make sure that you aren’t capturing sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as an SSN? With a simple toggle, you can prevent the capture of such data – for yourself or anyone else at your company.

* Coming Soon