for Product Inventory

Who needs product inventory data?

  • Retailers selling selling products from a number of different manufacturers.
  • Retailers needing data from manufacturers including descriptions, specifications, and images.
  • Retailers creating online marketplaces and ecommerce websites.

Why do retailers need this service?

  • Manufacturers don’t always provide the information in a timely and complete manner.
  • Product data is often buried in PDF documents and is hard to get.
  • Manufacturers keep their own websites up to date, but their retail customers don’t have access to their websites without a data extraction service.

How can help?

  • Increased sales: Rich product content enables retailers to provide improved shopping experience, which keeps customers online and drives sales.
  • Acquire new customers: Complete product content helps improve search rankings so customers can find your online store.
  • Reduce costs: New products come online more quickly and efficiently by automating the product upload process.

What delivers:

  • A single data file per website containing desired product data.
  • A directory of images associated with the correct product.
  • The ability to repeat the generation of the product data files on demand. Product Inventory Pricing

Standard annual contracts starting at:

Basic Professional Enterprise
# of SKUs Up to 100 Up to 500 Up to 2,500
Monthly breakdown $199* $299* $499*

*based on annual contract

Let get the data you need

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