Migrate from Another Web Crawling Solution

Whether you are using a simple web scraping tool and need more or you are trying to build your own you start from scratch, there is so much to consider. For instance, when building your own in-house capabilities to get the web data the business needs. It starts simply enough but before you know it you need more resources, more people, servers, proxies, capabilities and quality control to meet the growing demand for highly available, accurate and timely web data. The business teams expect perfect but it’s hard to even deliver “good enough”.

When you choose Import.io you get best-in-class technology, services and support.

  • Import.io has invested hundreds of people-years of engineering work into a genuinely easy to use SaaS product.
  • We scale so you don’t have to – our customers extract billions of rows of data every month
  • Do it yourself with our SaaS products or go hands free with our Managed Services.

How it works:

Step 1 – Let’s understand your needs

Our team will meet with you to go through both what you do today and your ultimate data goals.

We cater for all ranges of projects, from a dozen websites to many thousands. We deliver at any frequency: monthly, weekly, daily and hourly. Whatever your schedule is, we can meet it. Show us your data format requirements and we will match them.

Step 2 – We craft your solution

We will figure out the best and most efficient way to get the data you need. Every company and project has its own unique requirements and challenges. Our experts have worked on hundreds of web data projects and will find you just the right fit.

Step 3 – Implementation

We will build the solution and help you integrate. We will send you data samples to approve. We will work with you to ensure the data integrates with your internal systems. Then when we are ready to go live you can run Import.io in parallel with your existing system to ensure you are getting what you need before turning off the in house solution for good.

Et voila. Your data acquisition headaches are over.