for Retail Manufacturing

Who needs to monitor retail channels?

  • Manufacturers or distributors selling products via a number of retailers.
  • Manufacturers or distributors needing to understand how products are being presented and priced.
  • Manufacturers or distributors comparing the performance of channel partners.

Why do manufacturers and distributors need this service?

  • There is no easy way to monitor every retailer’s website.
  • Retailers don’t always provide up-to-date information.
  • Manually searching for and recording this information is time and cost prohibitive.
  • Manufacturers or distributors need to enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) compliance.

How can help?

  • Increased sales: Gain insight into why certain retailers perform better and then spread these best practices amongst all retail partners.
  • Healthy channel ecosystem: Monitor Minimum Advertised Price compliance in order to ensure that large and small retailers can compete on a level playing field.
  • Defend brand value: Perception of brand value is closely tied to product price, by enforcing Minimum Advertised Price you defend brand value.

What delivers:

  • Monthly Price Comparator Report: This report shows all products on all retailers once a month.
  • Daily Diff Report / Daily Tracker: This daily report informs you when products are added, removed or when prices change. We supply one report per website you want to track. Retail Manufacturing

Standard annual contracts starting at:

Entry Basic Professional
# of SKUs Up to 100 Up to 500 Up to 2,500
Monthly breakdown $99* $299* $499*

All listed pricing is based on monitoring your website and one competitor, monthly complete check, daily change alerting. Additional competitor websites are 50% of the base fee.

*based on annual contract

Let get the data you need

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