Lead Generation

Quality or quantity? With Import.io you can choose the best answer: both.

Quality prospects are the fuel that propels your lead generation pipeline and sales. However, most marketing teams have been forced to choose between stale third-party lists that yield high quantity but low quality, or undertaking the costly, time consuming effort of building custom lists that offer high quality, but low volume.

Now, Import.io offers a better alternative. Import.io makes it easy to tap into the virtually limitless potential of all the web data that exists about your prospects today. Leverage current, comprehensive data to build high-volume, high-quality prospect lists. Compile rich intelligence that enables you to deliver more targeted and more effective campaigns.

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Boost campaign results and ROI

Import.io enables you to quickly and cost effectively compile high quality prospect lists, so you can deliver campaigns that deliver more qualified leads and more buyers.

Save time

Stop wasting time building ad hoc scripts and aggregating disparate data sets. With Import.io, you can use a simple, intuitive interface and repeatable, automated processes to get all the prospect data you need.

Save money

Import.io enables you to extract web data directly, so you can stop investing in externally sourced data sets that may or may not meet all your requirements.

Stay focused

Stop dealing with the distraction of internal development projects required for doing data extraction, and focus on what matters most: building the most effective campaigns that yield the best results.

Get in control

Import.io frees you from relying on external resources for data acquisition. As a result, you don’t have to run the risk of contending with low quality data, long waits, unreliable service or inflexible business models. Get the rich, current prospect data you need, when you need it.

Expand and enrich your data

Leverage the solution’s easy extraction capabilities to expand the coverage of your data sets. Extract data sources that were too difficult or costly to access before. Stop relying on stale packaged data sets, and leverage current, live web data that yields maximum intelligence.

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