Other Uses of Data Extraction

machine learning

Endless Possibilities

Effective use of data can provide incredible efficiency and value to almost any business, from the smallest independent company to the largest multi-national. It can also advance education, academic research, charitable work, investigative journalism and many other efforts that help to make our world a better place.


Whether you are working on a technical, scientific, or marketing degree, or teaching a class, data will always be important. Having Import.io as a skill on your resume will help.

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Data Journalism

Data journalism is exactly what it sounds like, journalists using data to enhance their stories. Graphs or infographics in a news story are a couple examples of using data to tell a story. Data is a great source for journalists to use because it lends credibility to sources and can help explain complex topics to the public in a visual way.

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Import.io believes in doing good with data. However web data can help non-profit organizations further their mission, Import.io is here to help.

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