Ecommerce & Marketplaces

Ecommerce customers use for ongoing competitor price comparisons, populating their ecommerce sites and online marketplaces, and lead generation. Click here for solutions and pricing.


How to Create a Competitor Price Monitoring Strategy

Using, RepZio collects timely data for online marketplaces example: extract pricing data from any web page

Professional Services business services organizations use for market research, predictive analysis, market planning, business growth strategies, and more.


PwC Strategy& uses to improve data analysis

ClearMetal uses to create predictive logistics for the shipping industry

The Hackett Group uses for IoT data analytics

Product Development

Product development teams use to collect data that feeds into their product, whether manufacturing consumer goods or developing online services.


Coteries Lab relies on for fast web data extraction

Using data for product development by Steven Sinofsky (Andreessen Horowitz)

Unmudlr uses to consolidate data from multiple websites

Use Cases

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Machine Learning

Rich data sets are the fuel that power advanced machine learning. makes it easy to maximize the nearly limitless potential of the Web. Seamlessly leverage web data to fuel and enrich your data sets. Capture the data that fuels enhanced insights, decisions, products and services.
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Price Monitoring

Where are the best deals? What are competitive offerings going for? How are channel partners pricing your offerings? With, you can stop guessing, and start getting tangible, current and actionable pricing intelligence that yields enhanced purchases, margins and sales.
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Lead Generation

Your best prospects are online. With, you can find them and convert them to customers. Quickly and simply leverage web data to build prospect lists, and leverage current intelligence to deliver tailored, compelling messages.
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Market Research

Every day, your markets change. With, you can gain the insights you need to stay on top of fast-moving trends, so you can enhance offerings, respond to competitive threats and capitalize on new opportunities.
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Software/App Development

Put the power of the web into your applications with makes it easy to leverage web data in your applications, so you can focus on delivering compelling user experiences.
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Academic Research

No matter the field of study, can help. With, the massive amounts of intelligence found across the web can be extracted and analyzed. Because it makes extracting data from the web so easy, can help accelerate and refine your research and improve the quality of your findings.
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