customer reviews

Turning customer reviews into actionable data

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If you run a consumer-based, retail, or hospitality business, chances are your company has customer reviews on multiple website. You can easily access the reviews Read more

google sheets

Tips for organizing your data and creating reports in Google Sheets

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If you analyze information on a daily basis, you probably need to consolidate data from multiple sources. If your data resides on the web, you Read more

web data

What’s for dessert this Thanksgiving?

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Besides the ubiquitous pumpkin and apple pie on Thanksgiving, what other desserts may be served? Well, this could vary state by state. Based on web Read more

big data

9 Ways to Make Big Data Visual

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A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, I’d argue we should say ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or even a million words. It’s Read more

Tableau logo

Introducing the Tableau Web Data Connector

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It’s no secret that people who love data, love Tableau. For years now Tableau has set the standard for powerful yet user friendly data analytics Read more

Data visualization on differing tastes in beer across the US

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Recently, I worked with an customer to extract market data about small craft breweries, which got me wondering about the diversity of beers across Read more

Epic rain in San Jose, CA last night, or was it?

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  My CEO messaged the team from Los Gatos last night and asked, “Anyone ever seen rain as heavy as that in California before. Whoa.” Read more