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14 Free Business Web Data Sources You Can Extract Today

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If you think the web couldn’t possibly house any more data, think again. By 2025, the world’s web data is predicted to hit 163 zettabytes, Read more

Harnessing the Power of Amazon Data
-Monitor Rankings

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When it comes to online marketplaces, Amazon may not be the only game in town for online retailers, but it’s close—with the Seattle-based company now Read more

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Building a Mobile Marketplace

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Architects, builders, and interior designers have a variety of vendors to work with when helping customers choose fixtures, furniture, and flooring. These professionals either need Read more


Is gas pricing trending down or up this holiday week?

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Thanksgiving week in the US means the biggest travel days of the year, both flying and driving. I would have thought filling up your tank Read more

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Big Data Newsletter Sept. 20 2017

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  Feature article Have you seen the new Import.io features? Import.io has added features that enhance ease-of-use and provide significantly increased value. Hundreds of user Read more

The Ultimate Recipe Finder

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Mix of the Week: Ultimate Recipe Finder Iron Chef Import·io Jen is going to be hosting a number of dinner parties over the coming holiday Read more