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data extraction

4 data extraction tactics to take your SEO to the next level

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Data extraction has powerful uses in a number of industries. Some notable use cases are equity research, marketplace inventory, competitor price monitoring, lead generation, and reputation Read more

web scraping

3 Ways Non-Technical Marketers Can Leverage Web Scraping

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You may hear web scraping and shiver, thinking that it’s only for the most technical among us. However, marketers can use web scraping too, and Read more

automatic linked extraction adds automated list page updates for scheduled linked extractions

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Most websites are organized around a hierarchy of data that involves lists and detail pages, where the former can be a list of products and each Read more

api web scraping

How to Turn Existing Web Pages Into RESTful APIs With

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Jul. 05 2017 By Bob Reselman CogArtTech for ProgrammableWeb APIs are all the rage these days and with good reason. Gone are the days when people used desktop Read more

big data

9 Ways to Make Big Data Visual

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A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, I’d argue we should say ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or even a million words. It’s Read more

data science

What data science tells us about United’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month

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By now, most of us have seen the disturbing video. On a United Airlines’ flight from Chicago to Louisville, Ky., on April 9, Dr. David Read more

big data tools

All the Best Big Data Tools and How to Use Them

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Update to: There are thousands of Big Data tools out there, all of them promising to save you time, money and help you uncover Read more

IDC datasphere

IDC predicts the datasphere to reach 160 Zettabytes by 2025

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IDC Data Age 2025 study shows that about 25 Zettabytes of data exists in the world (datasphere) today. That’s  27.49 trillion Gigabytes!  IDC also predicts that data Read more

growth hacks

Actual Growth Hacks: Lead Hacking with Google and

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Written by Shadi Allababidi Paterson for Startup Grind Inside: A step-by-step tutorial to scrape 5000 highly targeted email addresses within an hour. You in? Fantastic, let’s do this. If you Read more

Recipe for an employment “robot”

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Last week Fast Company published an article in which I described my experience applying to thousands of jobs using a contraption I modestly refer to as my Read more