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data extraction

Defining Data Extraction And What It Means For Your Business

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Data extraction consists of more than just scraping valuable business information and compiling it in a spreadsheet for future use. It can also transform your business by keeping you from spending too much time on tasks like manual data entry. You can simply automate it all with a set-it-and-forget-it data scraping process. Although web scraping […] gathers data for optimizing client advertising campaigns

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A global communications agency, optimizes client advertising campaigns with data and reporting from With, the communications agency not only tracks and understands how competitors impact their banking client’s sales, but also gains insight into how property listings across the market impact the demand for home loans. Data gathered using includes: competitor loan rates […]

data extraction

4 data extraction tactics to take your SEO to the next level

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Data extraction has powerful uses in a number of industries. Some notable use cases are equity research, marketplace inventory, competitor price monitoring, lead generation, and reputation monitoring. In this article, we’re going to dive into how you can use data extraction to gain traffic from Google. Or in other words, how you can use data extraction […]

web scraping

3 Ways Non-Technical Marketers Can Leverage Web Scraping

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You may hear web scraping and shiver, thinking that it’s only for the most technical among us. However, marketers can use web scraping too, and they can get massive value from doing so. You don’t even need to be super technical to figure it out, either. While you’re probably aware of what web scraping is, […]

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How to Turn Existing Web Pages Into RESTful APIs With

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Jul. 05 2017 By Bob Reselman CogArtTech for ProgrammableWeb APIs are all the rage these days and with good reason. Gone are the days when people used desktop applications, either web-based or native, to interact with data that lived on proprietary backends. These days, more often than not, the primary computing device will be a cell phone or […]

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9 Ways to Make Big Data Visual

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A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, I’d argue we should say ten thousand, a hundred thousand, or even a million words. It’s just how we’re wired to process information. There’s an oft-repeated “statistic” that states we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. While there doesn’t seem to be an original source […]

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All the Best Big Data Tools and How to Use Them

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Update to: There are thousands of Big Data tools out there, all of them promising to save you time, money and help you uncover never-before-seen business insights. And while all that may be true, navigating this world of possible tools can be tricky when there are so many options. Which one is right for […]

5 Ways to Accelerate Data Wrangling

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Data is gold for marketers. Research states that by 2020 consumers will self-manage 85% of their brand relationships without assistance. Also, insights will be the primary source of these decisions. In light of this, the importance of data cannot be undermined. But not all data is worthy. In fact, sifting through thousands of data sets […]

5 Industries Machine Learning is Disrupting

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We talk about artificial intelligence (AI), robots, and machine learning as if they’re coming soon, or are just some tech pipe dream. They’re not. They’re here today. In fact, a special report from Bank of America, Merrill Lynch predicts the global market for AI and robots will be just under $153 billion by 2020, and […]

Gartner data analytics

5 Takeaways from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Written by: exhibited at the Gartner Data & Analytics conference this week in Grapevine, TX as part of the British Consulate’s booth. After talking with attendees in data analytics roles and other vendors, I came away with several thoughts on data industry trends. Data analytics is about telling stories and forming predictions More organizations are starting […]

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The Top 20 Big Data Blogs and Influencers to Follow

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According to research conducted by Gartner, “Big data investments continue to rise but are showing signs of contracting.” The company’s most recent survey found that “48 percent of companies have invested in big data in 2016, up 3 percent from 2015. However, those who plan to invest in big data within the next two years […]

Epic rain in San Jose, CA last night, or was it?

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  My CEO messaged the team from Los Gatos last night and asked, “Anyone ever seen rain as heavy as that in California before. Whoa.” That got me thinking. Even though I was a toddler, I can remember 1968 at my parents’ house in Los Gatos. The ground was so saturated with water our backyard […]

Machine learning dataset for musical training

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At the beginning of October, myself and my partner Aida, released a Twitter bot – LnH AI: The Band. This hobby project of ours is a music bot capable of composing music on-demand, based on tweets that users send to it. It is powered by special Deep Learning models that we have developed over the […]

Trump is winning the media mention war

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Whether or not you’re a fan of “The Donald”, you can’t deny that he is everywhere! Trump is dominating both the left and right wing arms of the mainstream media at the moment with more mentions than any other presidential nominee! According to… “Overall, when respondents are asked what outlet they turn to most […]

Anthony Goldbloom gives you the secret to winning Kaggle competitions

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Kaggle has become the premier Data Science competition where the best and the brightest turn out in droves – Kaggle has more than 400,000 users – to try and claim the glory.  With so many Data Scientists vying to win each competition (around 100,000 entries/month), prospective entrants can use all the tips they can get. […]

20 questions to detect fake data scientists

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Now that the Data Scientist is officially the sexiest job of the 21st century, everyone wants a piece of the pie.

That means there are a few data posers out there. People who call themselves Data Scientists, but who don’t actually have the right skill set.

This isn’t always done out of a desire to decieve. The newness of data science and lack of a widely understood job description means that many people may think they are data scientists purely becuase they deal with data. 

From masters to Microsoft: 7 charts that plot the path of today’s data scientists

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There are currently 11,400 data scientists worldwide and 52% of them earned that title within the past 4 years. Where are they coming from? Where are they working? What did they do to get here?

Based on a massive study done by RJMetrics that analyzed 360 million LinkedIn profiles, we were able to answer these questions and more in order to paint a picture of the state of data science today.

In this post, we’ll look at 7 charts that determine the education level of data scientists, their areas of study, where geographically they work, and which companies they work for.

38 great resources for learning data mining concepts and techniques

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In the blossoming world of Big Data, the data miner is king. 

With today’s tools, anyone can collect data from almost anywhere, but not everyone can pull the important nuggets out of that data. Whacking your data into Tableau is an OK start, but it’s not going to give you the business critical insights you’re looking for. To truly make your data come alive you need to mine it. Dig deep. Play around. And tease out the diamond in the rough.

Jumpstarting your data mining journey can be an uphill battle if you didn’t study data science in school. Not to worry! Few of today’s brightest data scientists did. So, for those of us who may need a little refresher on data mining or are starting from scratch, here are 38 great resources to learn data mining concepts and techniques.

All the best big data tools and how to use them

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There are thousands of Big Data tools out there. All of them promising to save you time, money and help you uncover never-before-seen business insights. And while all that may be true, navigating this world of possible tools can be tricky when there are so many options.

Which one is right for your skill set?

Which one is right for your project?

To save you some time and help you pick the right tool the first time, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite data tools in the areas of extraction, storage, cleaning, mining, visualizing, analyzing and integrating.  

Mind the wealth gap: Inequality and London’s Underground

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As with most big cities, London has a serious problem with income inequality. After seeing this great piece in the New Yorker on the spread of inequality across NYC’s subway system, we decided to create our own following London’s Underground. This interactive Tableau viz charts these shifts using data on median household income, from the […]

Oxfam making headlines

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Oxfam making Headlines The data team at Oxfam used data to show that Britain’s five richest families are worth more than the poorest 20% and lobby for policy change. Proving that just one simple data set can start something huge. Read more in The Guardian

Creating data visualisations with tableau

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Tableau The lovely Jewel from Tableau Public has created this stunning data viz with data she extracted from her local radio station. Have a play and see how popular your favorite artist is in Seattle. View Tableau Visualization

Get more leads with web data!

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This is a guest post from Ryan Kulp, the Director of Growth at Keychain Logistics, a Ycombinator alumni company. He’s a happy customer and was previously a freelance marketing consultant.

Even with a great product, team and culture, growing a business is really hard if you can’t find qualified prospects to onboard. If you’re a salesperson and most of your day is spent “waiting to hear back from so-and-so,” you need more leads.

Spending over 500 hours of time in “sales hacking” projects with clients, I’ve found an easy way almost anyone can get started and even scale out their own process, without having to pay for any tools to do so. As a salesperson or technical founder, this simple process will make it look like you have super powers.

These slick Google Sheets add-ons make working with data so much easier

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Working with data isn’t always easy. It can be laborious, frustrating and downright infuriating at times. But, there’s no better feeling than when you absolutely nail that visualization or find that perfect nugget of information that makes everything come together.

To help you get that nailed it feeling, we’ve picked 10 awesome Google Sheets add-ons that will make working with data an absolute treat.

What is data, and why is it important?

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Whichever industry you work in, or whatever your interests, you will almost certainly have come across a story about how “data” is changing the face of our world. It might be helping to cure a disease, boost a company’s revenue, make a building more efficient or be responsible for those targeted ads you keep seeing. 

In general, data is simply another word for information. But in computing and business (most of what you read about in the news when it comes to data – especially if it’s about Big Data), data refers to information that is machine-readable as opposed to human-readable.

Eighteen graphs about the death penalty

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A guest post by Matt Sundquist, Founder of

This post details how, where, and when the death penalty has been applied in the United States. We’ll examine opposition to the death penalty (9 graphs), the deterrence argument (5 graphs), and trends in the death penalty and public opinion (4 graphs). We used Plotly’s APIs for PythonMATLAB, and R to make these graphs. We used’s Plotly integration to access and share data from the Death Penalty Information Center.

Designer News statistics

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Designer News Statistics We all have that one blog that we just can’t stop checking. For Arti, that blog is Designer News. So, using data he created a live stats site to analyze all his favorite content.

Employment analytics

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Employment Analytics We partnered with some really great data tools to analyze the job sector in New York and San Francisco, all in less than 10 minutes. It just goes to show what you can accomplish with data and other tools like MonkeyLearn and View Visualization

Wifi and Plugs

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Wifi and Plugs Ever had trouble finding the nearest cafe with free wifi? Well now you can use this simple app, created by power-user Graham, that maps all the free wifi places and charging stations in London.


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LeadChat Generating a list of good quality leads can be a seriously time consuming process. But using, the guys at LeadChat were able to save hundreds of hours and generate thousands of high-quality leads.  

How to build compelling stories from your data sets

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Every number has a story. As a data scientist, you have the incredible job of digging in and analyzing massive sets of numbers to find what that story is. The challenge can be that while you may have an artistic bent, you may not know how to turn that beautiful visualization into something more meaningful. […]

Free access to data: a (non-boring) story about open data

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It’s not uncommon to receive a blank and slightly bored expression after asking someone if they know what Open Data is. For anyone who doesn’t work in this burgeoning industry (by way of disclosure, this was a tribe to which I very recently belonged) the mere mention of “data” starts eyes glazing. Sometimes there’s a glimmer of interest when it’s mentioned that the value of Open Data is currently estimated at over $3 trillion, and sometimes people latch onto the idea of unprecedented government transparency, but by and large people don’t really seem to get it, in much the same way that 25 years ago people didn’t get why on earth you’d bother sending mail electronically.

But the reality is that Open Data – freely accessed machine-readable information (mostly, at least currently, government data) – is probably already a part of your life.

UK footballers could pay off Greece’s debt within a year

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It’s probably no surprise that Greece failed to meet its deadline to pay back the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the €1.6bn (£1.1bn) it owes them – despite the epic crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo. Never the less, it got us thinking…how long would it take to bail out Greece if we all worked together?

So, several hours, 2 APIs and 3 cool Tableau vizzes later, we managed to work out the answer.

The best free courses on the web for becoming a data science master

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If you’re just getting into data science, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Did you waste all that time in college for nothing? Are you going to be far behind everyone else? What happens if you don’t love it after all? Making a career change at any stage is scary, but these days it doesn’t have […]

8 fantastic examples of data journalism

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Data journalism is exactly what it sounds like, journalists using data to enhance their stories. If you’ve ever seen a graph or an infographic in a news story, then you’ve been exposed to data journalism. Data is a great source for journalists to use because it lends credibility to their sources and can help explain […]

10 unnecessary uses of data that are still totally awesome

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When we think of data, we usually think about big spreadsheets and in-depth analysis. There are many people using data to make exciting discoveries and showcase important points. But, it’s not all serious analysis and bar charts. Some data-nerds (like ourselves) are using data just for fun. And, y’know what? It’s awesome. Here are our top 10 picks for fun data stories.

Data scientists are wasting their time

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We all know that time is money, especially when you’re paying a data scientist. But the New York Times reports that… 

“Data scientistsaccording to interviews and expert estimates, spend 50 percent to 80 percent of their time mired in [the] mundane labor of collecting and preparing unruly digital data, before it can be explored for useful nuggets.”

 Steve Lohr, NYT