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Monitor Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) with

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We recently published the article Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Enforcement Best Practices discussing why manufacturers should monitor and enforce MAP. In this post, we’ll show you how Read more

Black Friday pricing

Black Friday pricing fluctuations – how do small stores compete?

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Black Friday isn’t just a US holiday and it’s not even just one day. People all over the world look for bargains the entire week Read more


Is gas pricing trending down or up this holiday week?

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Thanksgiving week in the US means the biggest travel days of the year, both flying and driving. I would have thought filling up your tank Read more

alternative data

Tutorial: Getting alternative data for research

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What is alternative data for research? Data is the basis for all sound research models. Alternative data along with traditional data ensures a complete picture Read more

pricing analyst

What does a modern Retail Pricing Analyst need for success?

Written by: currently has 6,832 job listings for pricing analysts in the US alone and 24% of those state the requirement to monitor competitor pricing. With Read more

machine learning

Data extraction – from technology tool to business necessity

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The internet contains an estimated 4.57 billion pages of data, making it the largest publicly accessible database in the world. Those who tap into this Read more

holiday shopping

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season?

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It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday shopping season. Ensuring a top-notch shopping experience is vital, otherwise you lose customers to the competition. Read more

monitor competitor pricing

Hoteliers can easily monitor competitor pricing with Change Reports

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How do you ensure that your hotel room prices are not only competitive with those in your market, but also not so low that you Read more

change reporting

Monitor song & movie rankings with change reporting

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Media business analysts need to know when their assets have changed ranking positions in order to predict revenue. This requires continuously understanding and reporting on how artists, Read more

change reports

Real estate agents get concise, actionable data with Change Reports

Written by: recently introduced the ability to get daily change reports showing what’s changed on a website. This is particularly helpful in the real estate industry. Read more