The Digital Shelf Guide: web data you need for ecommerce insights

July 8, 2022

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Learn more about:

  • The digital shelf stages and data behind the online customer journey
  • The key web data points to capture to build the best digital shelf 
  • The eCommerce insights revealed through those data points to drive results

Dive into the data to win the digital shelf

Recognizing the key web data needed to build the best digital shelf is crucial to winning in the eCommerce market. Understanding all stages of the digital shelf is paramount to growing your business and gaining a competitive edge. As the leading eCommerce web data partner, has been providing the cutting-edge digital shelf data that the world’s leading brands, retailers and analytics companies use to optimize their supply chain and gain greater insight into customer demands. 

Insights into evolving customer demands, trends and habits are crucial to sustaining power on the digital shelf. 

As eCommerce accelerates, so are the patterns and shifts of customer demands. It’s not only important to track and monitor what customers are looking for and how they obtain it, but to continually optimize the shelf for a customer-centric supply chain strategy. Businesses building the digital shelf in accordance with their own needs are underutilizing key data for eCommerce insights critical to growth and preserving power on the shelf. 

Evaluate the three core areas of the digital shelf to discover the missed opportunities of eCommerce insights customers are demanding and the data that’s being overlooked. 

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