What do Startups, Video Game Developers and Canadian Public Servants have in common?

Answer: they’re all the subject of projects that use data collected via import.io!

At import, we love data – like, a lot. But we know that data is only as fun or as interesting as what you choose to do with it. That’s why we believe in celebrating the cool uses of data that people, just like you, are doing everyday. Here are the top three most interesting data stories we’ve been sent this week…

YouTube for Indies

With so many options for gamers these days, it can be difficult for small game developers to stand out from the crowd. If you have limited budget and time, it may be better to skip the traditional PR and marketing activities and go straight for the fans. That’s what Albert Palka is trying to help you do with his new project YouTube for Indies. Using import.io he’s collected data on the most influential YouTubers in different gaming industries to create a weekly newsletter with their contact details, along with guides and tips for engaging on YouTube. It’s a great resource for indie developers and small teams who don’t have the resources or time for big PR campaigns.

The Sunshine List

The “Sunshine List” is an annual report of all the salaries and earnings of public servants who work for organizations that receive money from the Ontario provincial government. It’s an important report that helps ensure public funds are being spent responsibly and governments are held accountable. However, I’m sure we can all agree that a 6-volume report isn’t exactly the most thrilling read making actual insights difficult to find. Which is exactly why one of our users extracted all the data to create this interactive and far more visually pleasing dashboard. You can explore the data here.

Startup Talking Points

Investor relations startup, Visible’s mission is to help startups and investors communicate better. In order to do that effectively they need to know what VCs really think about startups. Using import.io, they extracted the entire Mattermark Daily archives so they could analyze the headlines and paint an interesting picture of the startup ecosystem. They’re findings which they published on their blog, uncovered a number of interesting trends such as this infographic (created with infogr.am) on how much startups and investors talk about money.

What have you been up to?

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