Introducing Bulk Extract and the Bookmarklet

Alex here, and thanks to everyone who joined yesterday’s webinar. For those who missed it, we took a sneak peek of a couple of brand new features that quite a few people have been asking for – Bulk Extract and the new Bookmarklet are coming to make your data extraction projects with even smoother.

Bulk Extract

We had nearly 250 votes on our ideas forum for a way to paste multiple URLs into an Extractor and query all of them.

Bulk Extract does just that. It is, in effect, a targeted Crawler: you specify exactly what pages your Extractor converts to data. You only have to train it on a single page as opposed to the five pages that the Crawler requires.

To use Bulk Extract you won’t actually need to download the desktop app. You will access your My Data page in any browser and use the feature there.


The second feature I showed in the webinar is our Bookmarklet for Magic. Magic is extremely popular and we wanted to make it even easier to get data. The Bookmarklet allows you to navigate to a page in Chrome and, with a single click of the mouse, convert that page into data in seconds. Why do it in two clicks when you can do it in one?

Grab it now.

We’re really looking forward to bringing Bulk Extract to the community and we’ll have news on when you can expect it to be available very soon. We’ve also got some responses to a few of the questions that cropped up during the webinar:

Do the web pages have to follow the same format for Bulk Extractor to work?

They do indeed. When we create an extractor, we are training the tool on where to look on the page for the certain data points (for example, the prices and product names on a retail site). if these move around then our tool won’t be able to locate them. However, there are some cool things you can do with XPaths to get around this issue. Learn more about advanced extraction techniques in our Knowledge Base.

Where can we find all recorded webinars or training videos?

All past webinars are available to watch on our YouTube channel

Can you do multiple URLs on single-item URL pages?

You can, you can use this tool on both types of page – single and multiple result pages.

Can I use Bulk Extract on a connector? Also, I do not see the multiple URLs tab on my interface.

We will be bringing the same functionality to the Connector over the next few months but initially it will just be for the Extractor.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you have a great time with Bulk Extract when its available – look out for news here on the blog very soon.

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