Unmudlr uses Import.io to consolidate data from multiple websites

UnmudlrUnmudlr removes the complexity of selecting your next phone by asking you a series of questions and provides a list of phones that match your requirements. The intuitive interface allows you to define your budget, whether you want a touch screen or clamshell device. It also looks at must-have versus nice-to-have features like, data, camera, Bluetooth, radio, screen size and other features available now in today’s state-of-the-art smartphones. The results are displayed to show the phone that best fits your needs.

For Unmudlr to display accurate information they need to extract all the relevant information from various web sites that contain product specifications as well as pricing information for comparative purposes. Unmudlr uses Import.io to consolidate data from multiple websites. “Unmudlr would not exist if it was not for Import.io keeping our databases up to date and accurate,” says Jack Gage, Managing Director of Unmudlr.

Unmudlr has built strong relationships with the Import.io customer success team. Jack also notes, “The Import.io Customer Success Team always reply to our enquiries within an hour, they take the time to read every word of our query and they always come up with the correct answer to all of our questions. The time and the hassle that this saves us means that we can stay focused on building our business.”

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