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By now – if you’ve been following at all – you’ve probably tried Magic. Our one-click data extraction technique that we blew you away with last fall. Well, hold on to your hats because we’re about to do it again. Magic, just got more magical. And faster. Was that even possible?!!?!

Magic on the go

What I’m sure you noticed about Magic before, was that even though it was technically only one-click, you still had to copy and paste the URL into the box. And – let’s be honest here – who has time for that? Which is why we’ve taken the power of Magic and squished it into a bookmarklet that you can take with you wherever you are on the web.

Once you’ve installed the bookmarklet, simply go to the page you want to extract and hit the bookmarklet. That’s it. Literally one click. I think we can all agree that’s a good thing.

Magic with added power

This latest iteration of Magic isn’t just about giving you added convenience, it’s also about added power. The algorithms team have been hard at work updating the behind-the-scenes bit to be more accurate and reliable. Magic is now better at finding data, working out pagination and detecting duplicates. We’ve also given it better table support and improved the column naming.

Get Magic in your code

We’ll admit that we’ve been a bit greedy in keeping all the real magic for ourselves. Which is why we’re now giving you access to the Magic API as part of our new API Docs. This API lets you input a URL directly into the docs and see the three regions Magic picks out. You can also use regionText to focus Magic’s extraction on a specific word on the page. Not to mention we’ve given you access to two exciting beta features.

More to come

We’re 100% committed to making Magic (and all of the tools) the number one data extraction tool. That means we’re always keen to hear from you. What do you love? What drives you mad? What do you think is missing? Tell us all about it in the comments, shout it from the rooftops on Twitter ( or send it to us the old fashioned way on

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