Survey on Tablet uses to monitor customer feedback


Survey on Tablet provides an all-in-one and ready-to-use solution to allow hotels and other consumer facing businesses to monitor and control customer feedback in near realtime. Tablets are deployed strategically throughout the facility. In a hotel, you may find a tablet in the room, at reception, the gym and possibly the restaurant, for customers to provide feedback.

Survey on Tablet enables clients to identify customer service problems, keep track of performance, control the quality of service and motivate staff to be proactive with regards to customer service issues. Survey on Tablet enables clients to increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage through the deployment of industry specific tablets.

However, not all customers provide feedback via the tablet.  Many customers use the internet to provide feedback and write reviews. There are thousands of sites that could potentially be used for customers to complete reviews, give ratings and provide feedback.

Survey on Tablet uses to collect online reviews for hotels from various sources on the web such as booking sites, blogs and social media. makes the job of extracting data from websites very simple without the need to write any code. Once the online review data is extracted from the web, Survey on Tablet combines it with the survey data from the on-premise tablets providing the hotels with much greater insight into their customer service performance than if they relied on the survey data alone.

Extract data from almost any website