Saving searches to sort your sources

All of your data sources are listed on your My Data page for easy access. But, once you have a lot of them, it can be tricky to scroll through and find the sources you need quickly.

To help, we give you the ability to save searches for data sources so that you can list them more easily. Say you have a lot of data sources (like me) and just want to find the extractors to Amazon. To find these sources, you can search for “amazon”, and set the “Type” dropdown to “Extractors” only:

Once you have created your search, a save button appears in the top right corner of the screen:

When you click that button, a new search is shown on the left hand side, which you can then name as you like:

Now, when you come back to the My Data page, you can click on that search to see the filtered sources again. If you have added any more sources that match the search in the meantime, those will also be shown. This works with all of the filters, searches and sorts that are available at the top of the My Data page.

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